Precise and reliable!

Trust between the certification body and the certified organization is key during the certification procedure.

We perform our certification activity with the support of a team of experienced auditors and experts, guaranteeing impartiality, independence and confidentiality.



We require all of our associates conducting conformity assessment to declare that they (or their close relatives determined in the Civil Code) are neither designers, manufacturers, suppliers, installers, purchasers (of commercial quantity), owners, users, servicemen of the examined product, nor authorized representatives of any of these parties, and do not participate directly in these activities. This does not exclude the possibility of the use of products that are necessary for the operation of CE Certiso Ltd. or the use of the examined product for the purpose of private use.

Our associates conducting conformity assessment shall not participate in examination of products whose (or whose competotor’s) design, manufacture, install, use or service they directly contributed to, and they shall not participate in certification of management systems that they have performed consultancy (including actual instructions or making solution suggestions in connection with planning, installing and maintaining of the management system) about over the past 3 years or conducted its internal audit. Our associates are committed to impartial decisions and integrity of the procedures.

The associates and auditors of CE Certiso Ltd. are free from commercial, financial and other influences, and not any external person can influence the results of examinations and surveillances made by them.


CE Certiso Ltd. keeps confidential all of the client’s information that it makes available during the conformity assessment procedure. The associates of the CE Certiso Ltd. and those who participate in the conformity assessment activity declare their confidentiality and keep the legal consequences of violating it.